Motivational speaker | Personal trainer
Brief info

Jamel Felder is a Philadelphia native who has overcome diversity and challenges to become a motivational speaker and life coach for both school children and adults.
Jamel was born in North Philadelphia and grew up in an area with the highest crime rate in the city.

Despite everything Jamel has overcome it has lead him on a journey to help change the lives of the people he meets every day. He is now a volunteer for the Laurel Highlands Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a motivational speaker and life counselor, and personal trainer. He travels and gives his time and testimony to help the Youth of America along the way to stay on a straight path and make the right choices for a God driven life.

Jamel Felder Quotes

"When you have a relationship with God, it doesn't mean you won't go through pain, it just changes how you deal with it."

"Believing in God has not changed the things we go through. It has changed the way we go through them."

"We might be the ONLY LIVING BIBLE some people will ever read."

"The only opinion that should ever matters is God's. Others will always let you down or past judgement on you. Or they will speak their fears on you. Always look to God first!"

"Live life like a GPS. Once I set my destination like a GPS I calculate my route, and no matter how many times I mess up or fail I recalculate and I reroute."

"To the world you may be just one person but to one person you may just be the world."

- Jamel Felder


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